Australian 3 Days


With the event centre in Hobart you can orienteer in the morning and explore in the afternoon - or simply put your feet up and soak up the view.



The Australian 3 Days is the nation's premier multi-day orienteering event and is traditionally held over Easter with the event rotating between states.

Orienteering Tasmania is the proud host in 2018.  It provides us with an opportunity to showcase our state and to give Tasmanians the chance to experience a major orienteering event from home.

It is a championship event with Australia's elite orienteers competing but most people will be participating as a personal challenge.

Entrants run one course each day with winning times ranging from 12 - 90 minutes (depending on the class and the corresponding day's course).  Places are determined by total overall times over the whole event.

To get a feel for a major orienteering event here is the highlights video of the 2016 Australian Championships Carnival hosted by Queensland.

aust3daysprologue_logo    The Prologue

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Held on Good Friday the Prologue is a fast and furious sprint in orienteering terms with winners taking from 12 minutes including finding up to 30 controls.

Making quick decisions, running fast and avoiding mistakes is crucial in a race where places will be determined by seconds.

For the elites the Prologue is actually the first of what will be four days of intense competition with the Prologue and the Australian 3 Days forming one competition.

However, for most, the Prologue is a separate event from the Australian 3 Days.  It's both an opportunity to warm up for the next three days and a chance to have a taste of the carnival without having to commit to every event.

There is a fun family teams (of three) competition that runs in conjunction with the public event.  Participants run their course of choice independently then a complex mathematical formula is used to determine the "best orienteering family in Australia".

For ET2018 the Prologue will be held at the University of Tasmania - Sandy Bay Campus.

aust3days_logo   Days One, Two & Three

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On Easter Saturday the Australian 3 Days gets serious.  Participants will leave Hobart to orienteer over longer distances through the bush with winners taking just under an hour each day.

On Days One and Two the venue is in the midlands, just past Melton Mowbray. Participants will start out in deceptively simple farming land normally home to grazing sheep.  But soon they will find themselves navigating through impressive sandstone lined gullies - hideouts for bushrangers in days gone by and challenging for all orienteers.

On Day Three the venue is east of Hobart, near Nugent.  Participants will start from Tassie's home of mud running Redbanks.  This property provides the perfect European style assembly arena for an exciting day of orienteering with final places up for grabs.

Who will be Participating

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Australia's elite orienteers and the best of our juniors and masters age group competitors - as well as many more people taking part as a personal challenge.

Entry is open to all despite being a major national championship.  It is a true family adventure.  There are classes for everyone, determined by gender, age, course length and level of difficulty.  We will have entrants as young as eight and as wise as eighty.

what-could-have-been     ready-to-go


The old map of Sandstone Valleys (snapshot below) being used for Days 1 and 2 will be extended to create two new maps, Lovelybanks West and Lovelybanks East.  Plus, for Day 3, whilst the start and finish arena is on the old Redbanks map, most of the area extends into previously unmapped territory.

We have a team of talented course setters including David Marshall.  David's course for the 2015 IOF Long Distance World Cup Event in Tasmania was recognised as the number 2 international course of that year.


Further Details

For handy things to know visit Practical and for all the nitty gritty including links to old maps visit Technical. To find out how to enter and for entry FAQS visit Enter.