Bulletin 1 Now Out

Here is the link to Bulletin 1.  It provides basic information and will assist those wishing to benefit from "early bird" entries.  Please note - some details might change in the following months but will be shown below under Updates as well as in subsequent bulletins and updated on this website.

Updates since Bulletin 1:

  • Convenient Campgrounds in Hobart and St Helens are now detailed on our Travel Advice Page
  • OA AGM will now be at 5pm.  OA Dinner will now be at 6:30pm
  • Every event at ET2018 (excluding the Domain Warm Up) will be using SIAC controls but these are compatible with SI cards
  • Start times for the BOF 3 Days will now be allocated.  If you need an early start time on Day 3 please use the Split Starts Request Form on Eventor
  • On Day 3 of the A3Days Sledge will have a mass start at 10am not a chasing start
  • Whistles are compulsory at every event during ET2018 excluding the Prologue.  No whistle means no start.
  • All start time windows are current as shown on the website.