Technical includes all the nitty gritty about how ET2018 will be run and what we are required to let you know.

The Rules

ET2018 is being run in accordance with the Orienteering Australia Rules for Foot Orienteering (the Rules).  All participants must comply with the Rules.

Of relevance to elite competitors - the IOF Rules for World Ranking events will also apply and will be available here closer to the event.

Course Closing Time

All events have a closing time - this is set out in the Schedule as well as in Bulletin 1 and the ET2018 Guide.  This means you must come back to the finish by this time even if you have not finished your course.  Unfortunately you will be recorded as a DNF (Did Not Finish) but this is a safety issue.  Despite being a DNF you can start the next day.  Wear a watch if you think this might be an issue but note it can not have GPS functions.

Check into Finish

If you go out on a course you must check into the finish whether or not you finish your course.  If you do not we may launch a search and rescue mission unnecessarily.


All of the areas being used for the Australian 3 Days are embargoed:

  1. UTAS Sandy Bay Campus (being a sprint map in a public area you are allowed in the area but not for organised events or training).
  2. All of the current Sandstone Valleys map at Melton Mowbray (for the event this will be renamed Lovelybanks West and Lovelybanks East.
  3. All of the current Redbanks map and the area immediately north of the current map (the new enlarged area will be called Curryjong Rivulet).

Old Maps


The old map of Sandstone Valleys being used for Days 1 and 2 will be extended to create the two new maps of Lovelybanks West and Lovelybanks East.  And whilst Day 3 starts from the old map of Redbanks, most of the area actually extends into previously unmapped terrain.

UTAS Sandy Bay

Sandstone Valleys



These maps will be updated to create the three maps of Chiron, Golden Fleece and Lively's Bog:


Littlechilds Creek and Lively's Bog

Course Lengths & Winning Times

Approximate course lengths and winning times will be in accordance with Rule 16 of the Orienteering Australia Rules for Foot Orienteering.

Actual course details (length, total climb, number of controls and number of refreshment controls) will be available here closer to the carnival.

Terrain, Climate, Hazards & Safety Bearings

A description of the terrain, climate, hazards and safety bearings are in Bulletin 1.

Map Details

The scale, contour detail of maps and any other relevant mapping information are in Bulletin 1.

Opportunities to Train

Orienteering Tasmania will be holding events in comparable terrain in 2017.  Otherwise we suggest you study the old maps.

Start & Finish Procedures

Start and Finish Procedures will be in accordance with Rules 22 and 23 of the Orienteering Australia Rules for Foot Orienteering.

Out of Bounds & Marked Routes

The method for marking out any out of bounds area and marked routes will be found here closer to the carnival.

Shadowing by parents and/or coaches is not Allowed

Shadowing by parents and/or coaches is not allowed during ET2018. The exception is the M/W10Shadow class. In this class entrants are permitted to receive assistance on the course (shadowing or direct assistance) and shall also be given the opportunity to study their course with a parent or mentor for up to 10 minutes before their start time. Times shall not be recorded for this class. If newer orienteers do not want to go out alone or if parents are concerned about older children going out alone we strongly recommend the Enter on the Day option where you can go out as a group.


Because of the possibility of cold weather, ensure you bring a thermal top and a hooded waterproof jacket or similar weatherproof garment to potentially wear at ET2018, as well as a change of clothes for when you finish.


All competitors must carry a whistle at every event except for the Prologue. This is a safety requirement. The whistle may only be used in cases of emergency, the distress signal being six blasts at ten second intervals, then a minute pause before repeating the pattern.


  • At the A 3 Days - Overall place getters in each class (excluding 10S) will get a certificate and a memento
  • At the BOF 3 Days - Overall placegetters in each course (W and M)(excluding 10S) will  get a certificate and a memento.

Complaints & Jury Members

Unhappy?  Keep in mind that ET2018 is being run entirely by volunteers.  We are doing our best.  To help us do better please go to our Registration Tent or Contact Us.

The procedures for making a formal complaint from a competition perspective are set out from Rules 27-30 of the Orienteering Australia Rules for Foot Orienteering.

The names of the jury members will be published here closer to the carnival.

Australian Team Selections

Participation at the Australian 3 Days is needed for 2018 national team selections. For the nitty gritty click here.