Win An Easter Tasmania 2018 Entry Package


Win one of five Easter Tasmania 2018 Entry Packages – there are 5 lucky draws in the lead up to the carnival with one prize up for grabs each draw.  To enter look out for our Competition Posts on Facebook.

Entry Packages include a credit to the value of one adult entry to the Australian 3 Days plus $200 towards your accommodation and transport costs.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Orienteering Tasmania (“OT”) is conducting a competition with five Easter Tasmania 2018 Entry Packages (“the Entry Packages”) up for grabs (“the Competition”).
  2. The Competition is being held to generate interest in Easter Tasmania 2018 comprising two events being the Australian 3 Days (including the Prologue) and the Bay of Fires 3 Days.
  3. Anybody can enter the Competition.  To enter look for our posts on the Easter Tasmania 2018 Facebook Page (“the FB Page”).  The closing date and time will be on the FB posts.
  4. Winners will be determined by lucky draw conducted at the discretion of OT.
  5. There will be five lucky draws with one prize each held 3pm on Friday 28 October 2016, Friday 28 April 2017, Thursday 28 September 2017, Tuesday 28 November 2017 and Wednesday 28 February 2018.
  6. You can enter every lucky draw subject to this clause but only once each lucky draw.  If you win any lucky draw you will not be eligible to win any further lucky draw.  To be clear you can only win one prize throughout the Competition.
  7. Winners will be advised by a post on the FB Page (“the FB Announcement”). Winners will not otherwise be contacted.  It is up to you to keep your eye on the FB Page.
  8. Winners must claim their prize within 7 days of the FB Announcement as instructed in the FB Announcement.  If a winner does not do this then you are deemed to have forfeited your prize.  OT will then conduct a redraw to determine a replacement winner.
  9. Prizes are not transferable (except at the discretion of OT, for example, to your parent if you still live at home given Mum and Dad are probably paying!).
  10. The Entry Package includes a credit to the value of one adult entry to the Australian 3 Days (“the Entry Credit”) plus $200 towards your accommodation and transport costs (“the Travel Contribution”).  To clarify, the Entry Credit includes an adult entry fee for the Prologue.
  11. The Entry Credit will not be paid in cash but rather will be applied towards your entry fees for the Australian 3 Days at the time you enter, including towards the value of a family entry fee.  If you are eligible for a concession entry fee (i.e. have a discounted entry fee) or do not enter the Prologue, the difference in value will be applied towards your optional entry to the Bay of Fires 3 Days and will otherwise be forfeited by you (no cash differences will be given).
  12. Notwithstanding clause 11 if you have already entered the Australian 3 Days and if relevant the Bay of Fires 3 Days OT will refund you the amount you have paid up to the value of the Entry Credit in cash.
  13. The Entry Contribution will be paid in cash after you have entered the Australian Three Days and will not otherwise be payable.
  14. The prize is only worth something if you decide to enter or have already entered the Australian 3 Days (you do not need to enter the Prologue – this is optional).  However, if you win and claim your prize you do not have to enter the Australian 3 Days by any due date or at all.  After claiming your prize you may opt to let OT know at any time before the event that you will not be entering and wish to forfeit your prize.  If so, OT will conduct a further lucky draw to determine a replacement winner.
  15. Notwithstanding Clause 3, no-one involved in the administration of the Competition in any way in the opinion of OT is eligible to be a winner.
  16. By entering the Competition you completely release Facebook from any liability whatsoever.
  17. OT acknowledges that the Competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.