World Ranking Events

The Prologue and Day 1 Australian 3 Days are World Ranking Events.

Look out for our elite athletes as they come storming through the field – and be prepared for some fast times and heated competition! They are chasing World Ranking points.

Established in 1998, the World Ranking Event scheme was created by the IOF to provide a means of establishing qualification and starting orders for major IOF events such as World Cups and the World Orienteering Championships. Each year, a number of IOF-sanctioned events are held by national orienteering federations, including Australia. Competitors gain valuable ranking points which contribute to World Ranking Lists.

Each national federation is allocated a maximum of six WREs per year (three sprint distance and three long/middle distance). At the 2018 Australian 3 Days, the Prologue (sprint distance) and Day 1 (middle distance) are WREs. For the Prologue, Elite competitors will start in reverse International Ranking order, with the highest-ranked male and female competitors starting last.